The Demigod Games (A Percy Jackson/ Hunger Games Cross Over)

The Demigod Games (A Percy Jackson/ Hunger Games Cross Over)

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What would happen if the all of the Gods' and Goddesses' half blood children were reaped into an event like the Hunger Games to prove the strength and their worthiness to their parents?

Who would be reaped?

Who would survive?

What challenges will be unleashed?

18 Tributes. Only one can live.
May the Gods be ever in your favor.

The description sounded like a song I heard about the purge...
I love how there are over 50 comments for this one sentence...
Wasn't she one of the 3 daughters that killed king Minos for Daedalus in the battle of the labyrinth
Wait shouldn't it be the other way around
                              Percy and Annabeth finally get a valid reason to kill Clarisse
You could survive till the end and threatin to eat poison berries together... And if that doesn't work threat in to eat their puppies. (Look up the hunger games "minute Minecraft parodies and you'll get it)
sugeo1111 sugeo1111 Aug 02
They really might be screwed. But if Percabeth dies, imma have to kill some ppl!🤗😡