Isle of Sanctum | The Aya Thrasher Chronicles | Book 1 |[Editing]

Isle of Sanctum | The Aya Thrasher Chronicles | Book 1 |[Editing]

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It's 2075 and Earth is quickly disintegrating. There are less than three years of inhabitable air left for both humans and Sciusians, refugee aliens. Officials are quickly unveiling their evacuation process called the "dyeing process". Because the dyeing process can't evacuate everyone, earning a dyeing spot becomes like winning a lottery. Sciusians and humans are allowed to have relationships, though, hybrid offspring were thought to be impossible....until now.

A handful of these hybrids are relocated to a Sciusian owned island, where they are told they can earn a dyeing spot by performing, although it's unclear what that really means. Aya Thrasher is a seventeen-year-old from a broken home in a poverty-ridden suburb of what used to be Boston. She's creative but very self-conscious. After being relocated, she must deal with the pressure the performance brings. To top it off, she's caught between two potential love interests, brave but slightly geeky, Brennan, and wealthy and gorgeous, Trevor. Aya must also come to terms with her newly endowed gift - her dreams. Rayne Marovic is almost eighteen and comes from a small town, which she absolutely loathes. After a botched robbery, she serves a stint in prison, until she also ends up relocating to the island. Rayne is a hothead who must learn to deal with her temper, especially when she starts to discover her telekinetic abilities.

Aya, Rayne, and the other hybrids must band together to defeat an insidious threat and learn the true meaning of the performance.

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