Mischievous Pursuit

Mischievous Pursuit

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Nicki By Nitetalai Updated Oct 31, 2019

Josiah left the police force due to sudden events that changed his life. Now 10 years later, working as an Undercover P.I. is what he's been doing in his spare time. Taking jobs from top organizations and wealthy individuals a-like due to his reputation of being a hard ass.

One call from his old boss about the tip of a lifetime gets him caught up in the crazy nightlife of the local street races. Due to his mass connections and rough exterior, Josiah is able to takeover as Boss. 

There, he meets Syd, the adrenaline junkie, and both of their worlds turn upside down! She's willing and ready to walk into his world of desire and no limits.

Mischief and power consume them both as Josiah's dark past has corrupted his way of thinking. Will Syd be able to comfort the beast inside of him?