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Backstage (One Direction)

Backstage (One Direction)

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MeggieEggie By MeggieEggie Updated Sep 04, 2013

I glanced up from my iPhone to see a girl with straight black hair throwing herself on Harry Styles. He stumbled back as a security guard grabbed her and pulled her away from him. She started screaming and throwing her arms about.

'Harry, my love! NO! Don't let them take me away! Were destined for each other!' she burst out crying as Harry just stood there with a bewildered expression. I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped my mouth as the girl went past me. Harry's eyes landed on me and I just chuckled at the look on his face. He smirked at me and I looked away blushing. Why do I always blush?! I glanced up at Harry Styles again to see he was still looking at me with those piercing green eyes.

A smile made its way onto my face without me realising, as he carried on looking at me; his fans started shoving things at him, but he never looked away. From the corner of my eye I could see the rest of the boys coming out, and the girls started squealing and shouting even louder!  

Harry only broke eye contact with me as Liam Payne patted him on the back and said something to him. I looked around me flustered. I'd forgotten about the other people in the alley way. I searched the crowd for India and found her at the front getting a picture with Niall and Louis.  

I smiled to myself, as I remembered those green eyes.

chaosandthecalm17 chaosandthecalm17 Mar 18, 2016
Lol I saw the side of zayns face and nialls hat back in summer of 2012 from across a parking lot and I still cry thinking about it
reneeramirez01 reneeramirez01 Oct 26, 2015
FIANLLY a story that is like this one were Harry is still in 1D and he falls for a girl that isn't a fan! And actually lasts longer that one page! LOVE YOU
aliciabardin5 aliciabardin5 Jul 15, 2015
Omg that's ironic because my name is Alicia and spelled the same way. Lol
PrayingToScience02 PrayingToScience02 Mar 03, 2015
Larry Stylinson is NOT i repeat NOT NOT NOT  NOT real.
                              (at least I hope so) :'(
ellahazzalover ellahazzalover Jan 05, 2015
please read my story "Dark star" it would mean the world to me ❤❤
amethystyles amethystyles Nov 18, 2014
this was my first fanfic and its still fukcing amazing i recommend it to everyone