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jaymive66 By jaymive66 Completed

I decided to walk over to my best friend's house, and once I got closer her driveway, I could see the door was left ajar. Rita probably left it open for me, I thought, while shaking my head disapprovingly. 

Then as I entered the door, my mouth open to announce my presence, I was hit by an odor indescribable, but deep down I knew what it was. Anyone could definitely recognize the smell. At first I hesitated with my food hovering over the the threshold. Then I took a deep breath and swallowed it; finally I walked forward as cold fear chilled my heart and the contents of my stomach rose to my throat...

Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? Maybe while you were alone or after watching a scary movie? How about all the time: in school, walking around the neighborhood, in your room, or in the dark? 

Lately, Shayla has been having these same feelings of being watched. Little did she know it was true until a strange boy began showing up, until strange events began happening, until her loved ones became a target, 

until it was too late.

ItsAribabvy ItsAribabvy Aug 13, 2016
She done for✅! I am very anxious to read because I'm scared to see what happens next
life-is-there-girl4 life-is-there-girl4 May 28, 2016
oh hell naw not over my alive body i aint dyin ylou must be jokin lol
dancingtacos23 dancingtacos23 Mar 25, 2016
twilightsaga7 twilightsaga7 Dec 04, 2015
Im the motherfucking short girl! AND I DONT WANT TO DIE YET!!!
NerdFighterForLife NerdFighterForLife Nov 07, 2012
The prologue is nice,short and suspenseful. I can feel something sinister building and can't wait to find out what happens next! Off to the next chapter!
gymnast17 gymnast17 Oct 01, 2012
Ah creepy prologue xD I loved it: it was a perfect length for a prologue. It creates lots of suspense and makes me really want to know what;'s going to happen! also- *snapped, not snaped. i recommend putting your story into 2 genre categories too. Overall, amazing job:)