Fourth Horseman

Fourth Horseman

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David Mark Brown By LostDMBFiles Completed

The Dustbowl and tequila aren't likely to erase the regrets haunting the Fourth Horseman, but when annihilation is your sole purpose how can you find substance for your soul?

"A provocative moral tale as much about embracing life as meeting Death."

Sometimes prayers are best left unanswered. After the equivalence of centuries worth of service as Death, the former man is left wondering whether dying would have indeed been a more desirable option. The buzz of phasing in and out of temporal existence and lopping off heads only lasts so long.

But when Death chooses to act on an event he recognizes as an "act of God," he discovers his calling to be more nobel than he thought.

"Never has Death been so human as a kiddie pool, a folder chair and a bottle of regret. If only the other three horseman could be as easy to relate to."

  • armageddon
  • bizarre
  • death
  • depression
  • dieselpunk
  • hachebrown
  • western
robbiekeith robbiekeith Feb 01, 2015
AWESOME! I could stay awake (if I so chose) until I had this story completely read . Man! Intelligent , smart , descriptive , moody . This story dares me to continue ! As real as any fiction I've read! I'm sure I'll have more to write as I read more.
bloodsword bloodsword Sep 29, 2012
@LostDMBFiles Loved the text message from Famine to Death, . . very cool beginning, sir.  I think I shall enjoy this story immensely.
AdzTeal AdzTeal Sep 20, 2012
Interestingly it's drawing me in, Curiosity is surely a curse
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Apr 09, 2012
Nicely done old son, enjoyed that little intro, all the better as it includes a Geology Department. Cheers, Gav
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Aug 20, 2011
@TwinPeacock Thanks again. This is my artsy fartsy story, so it will move a little slower. More instrospection, etc. I've heard people call it "word tapioca."
LostDMBFiles LostDMBFiles Jul 05, 2011
@WeareWolf Thanks for the note about the length. I thought I would try these less than 1000 word updates and see how they worked. I haven't gotten much feedback yet. Thanks for the word.