his personal assistant.

his personal assistant.

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"pyaar - pyaar mere liye Mera sab kuch hain, haar rishte ki buniyaad pyaar aur vishwaas hota hain." meet vivan raichand the only son of the power family of London vivan was always a spoilt kid, he kept things to himself and was the CEO of raichand industries. 

He did believe in love, for him love was everything.the reason for his existence.

 All his life he had seen his parents being the lovey dovey couple  and even wanted his love life to be the same.

 vivan never expressed or voiced out his feelings but he did love someone secretly and that was his personal assistant - MS. TINA BASU. 

someone who had stole his nightly sleep, piece of mind and had crept into his heart.

"pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat sirf lafzoan ke dhokebaazi hin hain aur kuch nehi" tina basu the typical Bengali girl who moved to London to live away from her parents. ran away from home at the ripe age of 16 and since then has never looked back. 

life has taught her a lot but the most important lesson it gave her was that -  love is just a game, turn it, spin and when you're bored moved on. 

life was going on smoothly until she had joined as HIS personal assistant. what was the problem in that?

 the problem ?

 the problem was this that she was the personal assistant of the VIVAN RAICHAND.

 someone she couldn't help but feel something for, someone who was coming close to her.....

vivan and tina are two different personalities.....

two very different people with different mindsets, thoughts and above all life. vivan came from an uber rich family and had everything that he had wished for but on the other hand tina had struggled a lot and now was currently searching for a job.

a girl who didn't believe in love a boy who breathed love, who lived for love...
jiski jeene ki wajaah hain pyaar kya woh kabhi dil toot ne ka dard samaj payega?

she came from a harsh reality of life that he was unaware off, he came from her dream world something that she could only think off....