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devilwearsYSL By devilwearsYSL Updated Sep 21, 2016

"@CharJones: Distance is relative to the time that it takes to get on a plane or make a mistake"  

The third and final installment of the Friends Trilogy. Lola started off sure of herself and her path in life only to have it all crumbling down when she fell in love. 'Friends' saw Lola struggle with her realisation that she was in love with her best friend, and her pursuit to be with the one she loved. She was hurt, trampled and crushed by her first attempt at love and the second attempt was not a whole lot better, nor was the third. 'Acquaintances' saw the impact of Lola's heartbreak on her mental sanity- she did questionable things and made horrible decisions all as a result of previous events, but in the end her struggles and her mistakes were proved worth it, because she finally got to be with the one she loved. What will Strangers bring? For the first time, 'they' are in a relationship, and with that comes alot of new territory to conquer. They've been friends before, so it should be easy? But distance doesn't make anything easy, and Lola doesn't make anything easy on herself in general. How will the two cope with the dynamic change between them?

JessicaVillaroel JessicaVillaroel Oct 23, 2016
Listen to Yuh got it may b for eating but it has much more common sense than humans trust me
iamclil07 iamclil07 Mar 25, 2016
That's what I don't understand between Perrie and Eleanor. I don't know why they seemed to not like each other.
iamclil07 iamclil07 Mar 25, 2016
"If you really loved him you wouldn't have walked away" err you left Harry and then Louis and the crawled back to Harry and the Louis again.
iamclil07 iamclil07 Mar 25, 2016
Yeah you really are a bitch. You're already judging people and you haven't given them the chance to let them show you the real them. Lol
iamclil07 iamclil07 Mar 25, 2016
Oh and I forgot, you basically begged Harry to leave Fleur for you. Damn
DildoGaggins DildoGaggins Feb 27, 2015
That's not very nice :( you hardly know her you met her like a couple I hours ago and haven't had a proper convo with her 
                              Stop being so judgemental (: