As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls

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Tess By TessMackenzie Updated Aug 23, 2014

When she was a child, Zoe was raped by her father.  Now, years later, he is being released from prison.

Zoe has fled her family, and made a new life for herself in Sydney, but now she wants to go back home.  Now, because of her father’s release, she wants to visit her family, and she wants her girlfriend Sara to go with her too, on the most horrible family visit imaginable.  

Sara agrees, reluctantly, only because Zoe wants her to so badly.  

They go, and it’s every bit as awful as Sara expects.  Sara is a senior constable with the New South Wales police, and has some idea what to prepare for.  There is blame and denial and guilt directed everywhere but where it should be.  Worse, once there, Zoe and Sara begin to wonder whether the abuse is happening all over again, and if Zoe’s younger sister isn’t now the victim.

Zoe begins to be very scared for her sister. 

Sara loves Zoe with all her heart.  She loves Zoe so completely that she would do anything for Zoe.  She would kill for Zoe if she had to.  Then Zoe actually asks her to.  She asks Sara to help her kill her father, and Sara realizes she could, that she is capable of it.  And that she might be able to get away with it, too.

Zoe’s fears and memories, and Sara’s profession, may just combine perfectly and let something terrible happen.

This is a story about love, and trust, and the lengths people will go to when confronting evil.

And also, just for the moment, this is the one I’ll update daily, not Love Letters.  Although I’ll try to do that too.  And um, sorry for the confusion, I’m still just settling down into what’s the next main story…

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VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Aug 10, 2014
Wow this came with a warning label...all it did was peak my interest so ok I'm in lest see some murder and stuff...
SeyfriedLover87 SeyfriedLover87 Jul 31, 2014
Intriguing synopsis, I tend to like stories that linger on the dark side of humanity. I'm eager to read more of this, it's really unique.
nataliebyrne nataliebyrne Jul 26, 2014
You don't have to feel pressured  to read it dude.can i say im a-murdering some jaffa cakes right now :)
nataliebyrne nataliebyrne Jul 25, 2014
Going out a-murdering ha. Nice nah dude if i planted an idea in your head that's all good. I didn't even think about it being similar to be honest. Plus it means u read mine least i think u read like  a small bit but still. 
                              good luck with this x
nataliebyrne nataliebyrne Jul 25, 2014
Hey pretty heavy topic choice tess, i look forward to reading it x