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Falling for the Enemy || Captain America || Book 1

Falling for the Enemy || Captain America || Book 1

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T.L By Marvel_Mockingjays Completed

"Trouble is my middle name."
  Lillian Nightshade is a metaphorical rock in SHIELD's boot, one that not only has a mouth snarkier and more sarcastic than the hypothetical (and entirely impossible) baby of Tony Stark and Deadpool, but has a certain knack for slipping from the authorities' grasp on a regular basis. She's arrogant, she's witty, she's satirical, she's immature and she's one of the best damn assassins in the industry.
  Steve Rogers is the hero every man wants to be. He has a strong sense of duty, honour, dignity and humility, with old fashioned, idealistic goals that would make the world a better place. Some - namely Stark - would call him a stick in the mud and make a mockery of him by pinning him with obscene names like 'Fourth of July Stripper' or 'Walking Flagpole', but in the end, he's America's sweetheart with a golden legacy that will last for generations.
  So it's only natural that the two complete opposites - who are also each other's enemies- to clash the moment they meet one another, yes?
  Filled with action, revenge, old adversaries, humour and of course the lovely drizzle of a bipolar romance, this is the story of how a narcissistic assassin falls for one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
  Her enemy.
  #1 Female Villain - Lillian Nightshade
  Best Female Antihero- Lillian Nightshade
  Most Motivational Character - Allison Renegade
  Best Developed Character - Lillian Nightshade
  Highest number on Fanfiction is #6
  ** I do not own any Marvel or comic characters. I only own Lillian Nightshade, the plot and some other characters that may appear later on in the story. The rest of the rights are reserved to Marvel and DC comics.

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OhMyGerLinds OhMyGerLinds 2 days ago
QUESTION; I don't really know that much about DC, will that cause me to get confused and stuff or should I be fine and able to read this book?
Wait… no Hulk Widow action?
                              No… Bruce+Natasha scenes?
                              LIKE HOW IT IS IN THE COMICS?!
                              Currently hitting the follow button.
It’s your book lol you do you if you want them together then put em together this is all about your imagination and your opinions lol personally I like Bruce n Natasha but there was always a little room in my heart for clintasha 😂😂
BrianneMorris BrianneMorris 7 days ago
HEY GIVE ME your attention K???
                              IM NOT GONNA SPOIL ANYTHING
                              JUST BEWARE: this book will send you on an emotional roller coaster, you will probably cry A LOT. Make sure you’re mentally stable before hand BECAUSE YOU SURE AS HECK WONT BE AT THE END! Goodluck my friends, you’ll need it.
That's so genius. I like it. I agree that I equally love both worlds.
I read this other book that was about Loki and they followed the Norse Mythology version of Ragnarok and some ppl where like "But thats not how its suppooooosed to beeee" 
                              Its the author's book they can write however they want to 🤷🏻‍♀️