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The Star Goddess (NaLu Fanfic)

The Star Goddess (NaLu Fanfic)

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👑 Rein Astraea By JeRein_14 Completed

Book 1 of The Star Goddess series

Lucy Heartfilia's real memories were sealed by her own mother. Her real name is Lucilyn Irish Heartfilia, daughter of the late Star Goddess, Layla Heartfilia. Because of her mother's death, the spell that sealed her memories slowly wore off. Because of her dreams and Fairy Tail's ignorance, she decided to have a short vacation and set off to find out what her mother hid from her. And someone will return and will cause chaos. New powers and the truth will soon be discovered. Join Lucy as she barks on another journey relating to Love, Action and War

Lilnini20 Lilnini20 Apr 24, 2016
If ZEREF is a lord doesn't that make natsu one too because in the manga their brother sorry for the spoilers
PeculiarFairies PeculiarFairies Jun 29, 2016
Gomenasai but her middle name is literally Irish? That's kind if a shitty name
i_am_damaged i_am_damaged Apr 19, 2016
Author-san ginamit mo lang yung history ng pilipino 😂 kinda dark days 😂 araw ng kadiliman 😂
StupidlyJay StupidlyJay Mar 19, 2016
Zeref-Kun went on a rampage because a kawaii potato stole his iphone and hacked his instagram.. WHERE IS DAT KAWAII POTATO!? 
                              *Looks at ceiling*
                              *Starts singing* a potato flew around mah room..
                              Zeref: I FOUND THE POTATO! DIE DIE DIE
It_Just_Wasnt_Fair It_Just_Wasnt_Fair Dec 09, 2015
Nicɛ wɑy tѳ put it ɑ ʀɛɑʆʆy gѳѳɗ ɦѳѳk ɱy ѳʆɗɛʀ ɓʀѳtɦɛʀ iร ɑ wʀitɛʀ ɑɳɗ ɑ ѵɛʀy Բɑɱѳuร ѳɳ iɳ Բɑct ɓut I ɗѳɳ't Բɛɛʆ ʆikɛ tɛʆʆiɳg รѳ ʝuรt รɑyiɳg yѳu ɗiɗ gѳѳɗ yѳu gѳt ɱɛ ɑɳɗ ɱy ɓʀѳtɦɛʀ iɳtɛʀɛรtɛɗ
Rising__Sun Rising__Sun Oct 15, 2015
Lol all of these Avatar comments have brought me to tears.  Stop it hurts!!! *keeps laughing*