Islands in the Sky

Islands in the Sky

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Tess By TessMackenzie Updated Oct 17, 2014

Magic disappeared. Magic returned. And then, the world ended.

This is our world, but not our world. It is a world of islands, floating in the sky.

Once there was magic. Then for a time, there was none. And then there was magic again. Once, long ago, magic disappeared from the world so completely that the people who lived then came to believe magic had never been. They were wrong, and magic returned, and those people pridefully fought the very gods in a terrible war, a destructive war, which only ended when the surface of the world had been cracked asunder and cast up into the sky.

Now the world is broken into pieces, into separate islands, floating slowly in the sky. Now the people of this age live as best they can, scavenging and fighting and loving, doing all the things people have always done, but now doing those things in the sky.

On one island, Sema, a farm girl, watches as her family are killed by pirates. On another, in a city, a thousand miles to south, Cassa is about to marry a man she does not love. Sema must survive, and in her own way Cassa must survive too. Slowly they are drawn together, and their meeting may save the world. 

 * * * * *   

So because it turns out if I do normal romance everyone hates me, I’m going to try a couple of different things...  So this is fantasy, just because, so...   um, here!  I’m not sure how it’ll go because I haven’t tried before, but if you’d like to look, then please do!

Oh, the odd chapter numbering is because I'm kind of thinking longer chapters, and swapping between the two characters, so 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 are the parts of chapter one and about Sema, and then 2.1 is the start of the actual chapter 2.  If that makes sense :)

And also, thank you for looking!

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quothe quothe Dec 03, 2014
I absolutely love the whimsical yet powerfully mysterious voice of this story. It intrigues me in a way that few good fantasy books can. Besides that, it provides me with a TON of information I can infer from the text without blatantly telling me so. I can't wait to read more!
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Aug 05, 2014
Hmmm I don't know I would want to be on a floating island but it might be fun to see one floating along minding it's
VeronicaPena1 VeronicaPena1 Aug 05, 2014
Tie the islands together you never cease to amaze me with your creativity...I look forward to reading this...