Homestuck Scenarios

Homestuck Scenarios

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Leon Martinez By dynamiteTrickster Completed

(=.^W^.=) Miaou! 

A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. 
It's basically how your relationship changes over time.


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-AdriSenpai- -AdriSenpai- Dec 29, 2017
                              *honestly me when someone offens my current favorite fandom*
BrianFretwell BrianFretwell Dec 12, 2017
I got locked out of the building during P.E ,because of my bitch of a teacher
UltimateYaoiKings UltimateYaoiKings Dec 25, 2017
Gross.  Outside is overrated.  Heh I'm kidding. The outside is okay when the sun is t being a major dick.
UltimateYaoiKings UltimateYaoiKings Dec 25, 2017
Also everyone is entitled to their own opinions. So you do you.  And don't pay no mind to what anyone says, just because you and them don't see eye to eye on a specific thing it dosent mean they have to be an ässhole about it.  (excuse my language I am sorry)
UltimateYaoiKings UltimateYaoiKings Dec 25, 2017
Bîtch you just freaking met me!!  How tf am I "Perfect Matesprit material" like how tf?
Anonymous_Writer24_7 Anonymous_Writer24_7 Dec 31, 2017
P.E. was always hard for me and I don't even play videogames. I'm just super lazy.