Homestuck Scenarios

Homestuck Scenarios

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Leon Martinez By dynamiteTrickster Updated Nov 23

(=.^W^.=) Miaou! 

A basic 'X Reader' Homestuck fic. 
It's basically how your relationship changes over time.

This is Homestuck so I will be doing every troll & Human.
No Genderbend so if you don't go that way just skip them. 



Dadgummit Jay didn't you learn anything from Alex's tapes, you see slenderman and you get your little "Goes into a creepy house at night" a$$, "sees blood in a sink and touches it" a$$, "Gets attacked in the creepy house and then goes back" a$$ the $hit out of there!
ACCEPTABLE!?!?" I'm 14 and I'm a 36D and was a guest model in the miss hispanidad!!!!!!
Saying a girl is more attractive than a horse is the best way to compliment them.
Sam_Vantas Sam_Vantas Oct 22
As i wad saying earlier which i now notice auto correct messed up, 
                              "I'm Gamzee Makara the merthful messiah!!"
GlamClaw GlamClaw Oct 11
I like Vriska too.
                              Just because someone acts the way they do, doesn't mean they are a bad person.
GG~ GG chuckles as she reads Harry Potter, since she is currently wearing her time-turner earrings, Deathly Hollows choker, and Slytherin house shirt. She then realizes for the thirteenth time that day, that she is a big f****** nerd.