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IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT APHRODITE MEANS(u should maybe look it up and there will maybe be some words u might wanna look up throughout the rest of the book)JUST SO U UNDERSTAND

They all have a darkness inside them.The need for pain,but they have been through so much that they are in need of love too.

Four girls none the same,all gorgeous.They know not of each others exxistance until one day. They were all normal young women with two things they had in common,one they all had mindset that they resorted to when times got rough...which for them was pretty much all the time.Never once did they slip in public or anywhere but their homes for that matter until one night when each one of them  where taken,kidnapped if you will.And the second being that they never had anyone to love them and so they had to learn to have enough love for themselves.Jupiter Wong a sucessful buisness man is a hard man on the outside but on the inside just wants to be loved.Hes got a darkness too,one that he doesn't know if he can contain .He got his ♡ broken once but will he struggle to open it to more than one?Dimented they are but that is what will keep them together and that is how they will love one another unconditionally.

"My four beautiful girls,you will never be alone....not over my dead body"  - Jupiter Wong