Lucy The Tamer of Chaos {Slow updates kind of}

Lucy The Tamer of Chaos {Slow updates kind of}

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NinaYang4 By NinaYang4 Updated 3 days ago

What happened if Natsu was trained by archaeologists instead of lgneel? And What happens if lucy was trained by lgneel? And that Natsu is always super harsh to everyone in the guild? What happens if he meets Lucy? Will Lucy change Natsu? Or will he stay the same? 
 Fine out by reading!

(I am VERY VERY bad at spelling so if you don't like people who is very bad at spelling then don't read it also it might be boring to)

Ps it's inspired by The black flame of chaos, and Tamer of chaos, and Battle, the wave of Calm chaos and one of the Author is FT_4_LYFE and the other one is nalushipper422

Hope you guys like it :3