The Anatomy of a Book

The Anatomy of a Book

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Aditya Sundararajan By PenWielder Updated Sep 07, 2019

Writing is a fabulous journey that each of us partakes in different ways with different skills and awareness. Like every journey, it can be fun or downright terrible, but it's never going to be a breeze. But worry not, it's a journey that can be well-enjoyed if equipped with the right mindset, patience, diligence, and above all, persistence. Leave the rest to me.

This book is a mini treasure trove of all the tips and tricks I've learned along my own writing journey that has spanned easily a decade. With about six completed manuscripts under my belt, as I inch my way towards the next chapter- publishing my WIP- I would like to impart my two cents to up and coming writer buddies and help them get to where I am today.

Here, I'll take you on a journey much like writing where we dissect a typical work of fiction. We'll discuss everything starting from how to get new story ideas to much more difficult and challenging aspects of the writing, querying, and publishing stages: one at a time.

In case you have any specific questions or any specific topics you'd like to see, feel free to comment/PM me. Also, do check my blog (link in bio) for similar content.