Jack Frost x Reader

Jack Frost x Reader

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Emily By KawaiiRyuuchan Updated Jul 23

Mom decided it would be just amazing to move from our nice, cozy, isolated house in the woods, to a town filled with people... She said I need a, and I quote, "Social Life". I'm 17, I'm not a child anymore, dammit. 

"(y/n), we are here sweetie." It was a two story house... Why we need two stories is beyond me. Nice, old looking, maybe some history behind it. "Well? What do you think??" Mom asks. I smile softly at her, knowing she is doing this for me.

I am what people call... Diferent, weird, unique, maybe even a little crazy. The cold doesn't really bother me much, I can deal with it for long amounts of time. 

My dog, Pucca, decided to jump in on a snowball fight that some kids were having. I hear them laugh, and them asking her, where her owner was, like she'd answer. It was kinda cute actually. She comes to me and nudges my leg, as if saying "Fuck this! Go have fun!!" I sigh and shake my head, and help mom take boxes out of our looks-to-old-to-function car. I like to call it Scra...

I like this kid already. Makes me want to punch him in the face less.
Let it go*tries to make a dress* let it g- *failed and made a burrito*
My heart is already breaking and I can feel the tears coming
I just saw a giant rabbit, a golden man and a girl that looks like a bird, and I'm not even surprised?
                              AND nobody commented about that?
THE COLD DOESNT BOTHER ME ANYWAY!!!!! Sorry I couldn't help it
LoveDork LoveDork Oct 06
I will never have a social life. I will forever be the nerd who blocks out all life with fanfiction and books.