The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader]

The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader]

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It all starts with one weird dream....

All her life _____ has been bullied by Alfred F Jones (he insists the 'F' is necessary). One day she and Alfred are caught "fighting" in the halls and are sentenced to spend all summer cleaning the school What could be worse?! Over one summer will _____ and the boy she has been afraid of all her life fall in love?

Find out in The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader]


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*dabs off 15 story building while watching anime* I DIED DOING SOMETHING I LOVEEEEEDD (splat)
I would say something similar if he told me I had no friends or something like that but quickly
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!!! Never gonna run around and desert you!! Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye!!! Never gonna tell a low and hurt you!!!
So then it'd be my fault that he bullies me•3• I'd bully me too if I was a bitch like that.
Me: F dis Shiz im out *Jumps out the window* *plays Papyrus theme*