The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader]

The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader]

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Hedgehog Mom By AngelinaSmith590 Completed


It all starts with one weird dream....

All her life _____ has been bullied by Alfred F Jones (he insists the 'F' is necessary). One day she and Alfred are caught "fighting" in the halls and are sentenced to spend all summer cleaning the school What could be worse?! Over one summer will _____ and the boy she has been afraid of all her life fall in love?

Find out in The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader]


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Random thought but any homestuck fan plz answer my question 
                              If you read homestuck hussie claims your poor innocent soul 
                              So where do you go when you die?
                              I am very deferent 
I have to act like everyone. I even have a Musically account.
                              But the good thing is I can have a private account without anyone knowing and torture my enemies without knowing who I am online >:D
_TEXAS_ _TEXAS_ Jul 01
*puts on sunglasses *
                               YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS!
                              *walk away like a boss*
Let's see...
                              CONVERSE HIGH-
                              sorry but hello to all the ARMYS reading this comment
ArcticFox__ ArcticFox__ Jul 09
Phoenix drop high? Hehe sorry but I couldn’t use my actual school because then it would be st teilos high and I don’t like the sound of it