Why Won't You Love Me Back? (BxB)

Why Won't You Love Me Back? (BxB)

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Jackie Jackson By jackie013 Completed

This is going to be the cliche story were the nerd falls in love with the jock. But there's going to be a little twist to it. The jock is the soon to be alpha of his pack Cold Fire, and the nerd he's the omega. When Brayden finds out that his mate is Tyler the omega will he reject him or accept? I guess you'll just have to find out.


Okay so this is my first story and its going to be a bxb one and if you don't like that then get the fuck out. This story will be short and if people like it then I'll make it longer. But for now there will only be about 10 or 15 chapter and they will be short BTW so anywhore on with the story.


  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • gay
  • omega
  • shortstory
  • werewolfromance
KharmenRosa KharmenRosa Sep 05, 2017
Since this is cliche I'm going to say he will bit for the wonder....
                              OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!! AHHHH IS HE OR NOT???!! TELL ME AUTGOUR!*
llama-bear llama-bear Mar 18
The twist is as cliche as the story, but who doesn’t like to read cliche stories once in a while
The_Shipper_Cheese The_Shipper_Cheese Jul 14, 2017
Dude, this looks like the best book ever and you look like the best author ever! It think I'm going to like this book...
Opaltopaz1343 Opaltopaz1343 Oct 26, 2017
DID ANYONE SAY BXB HATERS?????? KILL 'EM   kidding but be warned don't diss my ships
killerkitty1233 killerkitty1233 Dec 02, 2016
i think Liz would be obsessed with this book because it has wolves in it.
- - Dec 13, 2015
Jackie! Serious question! Okay? Okay. So you know how omegas are small wolves and alphas are big wolves. Let's say a omega uses strategy and kicks the alpha's ass earning his title will the omega grow or stay the same sizes.
                              Thank you for your time.