Kisses Don't Lie

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parametric By parametric Updated 3 years ago
So Lewis Jackson had always been the most annoying person in Lacey's life. That was until she saw him in a new light. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? She can't decide. Follow Lacey as she begins to understand what's important to her in a battle of friendship, love and understanding. You know what they say - Kisses Don't Lie.
man, eff that new teacher, that dam boy did hit her so she shoud hav slapped him!
Hey I like your book. How do you change you profile picture??
It's cute =} I'll continue to read it =} just one thing that I'm curious about is that if the teacher was reading it off a class list, Lewis JAckson would have been before Lacey JEnnings? =]
A good beginning. Your writing flows nicely, and it sounds like an interesting storyline. I'll be reading on! Voted :)
I like it. It's interesting and I like your writing style. Voted. 
OMG. This is like, so similar to what happened to me!! D;
                                    And the boy's name was the same too. WOW freaky. I didn't slap though lol. Well done, I love it :D