Unfolding: The Raintree Chronicles Book 2

Unfolding: The Raintree Chronicles Book 2

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A college student with magical powers loses her two best friends in the multiverse. Can she rescue them before she's captured by agents from another dimension?


Emily Verde has an exceptionally rare ability. She connects with alternate realities when she practices yoga. But this power comes at a terrible cost. She has lost her two closest friends in the multiverse.

Her gay best friend Drew was accidentally swapped with his doppelgänger. Now he must adjust to life in an alternate timeline, where he is a closeted all-star football player. Meanwhile, Em's roommate Steph is being held prisoner in a demon realm. 

Against the advice of her yoga guru, Em attempts to rescue her friends. She soon encounters some ruthless enemies who are determined to stop her at all costs. And it turns out her friends don't even want to be rescued anyway.

But there's more at stake than Em realizes. Powerful forces are at work that could tear reality apart. Can she rescue her friends and save the universe before it's too late? And more importantly, will she ever get over her crush on Finn?

Follow the ongoing adventures of Em, Drew, Steph and Finn in book two of the Raintree Chronicles.
*Sequel to Earthshine: A Wattpad Editors' Pick*  
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Cover by the fabulous Michael J. Hildebrand.