Married to a Prince (BoyxBoy) ON HIATUS

Married to a Prince (BoyxBoy) ON HIATUS

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RosaPeach By RosaPeach Updated Sep 19, 2017


Samuel had simply nothing left anymore. He was hated by everyone and became an outcast of his world. He simply wanted to end his life, because he was treated like he wasn't important to anyone, not even by his parents. When he sat down, crying his eyes out, he met a boy, who told him there would be a place where he would be accepted. All Samuel has to do is accepting the deal.
Will Samuel accept this? If so, would it be the biggest mistake of his life? And where is this so called place?

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(BoyxBoy story)
(Soft Yaoi / Shounen ai/ Slash)

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heavenswolfpup heavenswolfpup Jan 21, 2017
Okay this may be because I just watched this recently but this story reminds me of The Beast and the Boy.
AiMila AiMila Jan 12, 2017
Maybe is the way I was raised in hell is having a certain sexual preference wrong?
                              Being attracted to objects and animals to the point of arousal is super weird but that's their preference whether you like it or not. That ain't you business
aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Jan 14, 2017
Well if you don't know him, why the heck did you go with him in the first place😕
Miss_Hyde_666 Miss_Hyde_666 Dec 04, 2016
Just a suggestion: I recommend you put an mpreg tag on this story so people who don't enjoy it will know before proceeding and people who do enjoy it may find the story with more ease.
waruvi waruvi Jan 30, 2017
I'm attracted to 2D people... (yes I will end my life alone😂)
cerenitie cerenitie May 25, 2016
                              Wtf 0-100 real quick