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Tallary Stone By AuthorTallaryStone Updated Oct 22, 2019

I met Gage Callahart when I was a kid. We were in the same class for swimming lessons. It didn't take long for us to stick together. We were like the ultimate peanut butter and jelly duo. 

Through high school and college we stayed close. He helped me get through years of dealing with a narcissistic mother and my parents divorce. 

And now, he's going through the same. A divorce, I mean. If you ask me, she wasn't the right girl for him. Expected too much and was never grateful for what he gave her. 

It's my turn to help him now. To be the friend to him that he was to me. There's just one problem. 

Somewhere along the way, things start to seem less friendly and more flirty. And eventually, I'm catching his eyes glide over my body, and I can't help but feel the flappy little wings of butterflies take over my stomach like a stormwatch crew.