Sea Green and Coffee Beans {Riren/Ereri}

Sea Green and Coffee Beans {Riren/Ereri}

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Catskyra By Catskyra Updated Oct 14

Neko Eren and Levi

SNK fic

contains smut

i would write more but my original summary got deleted and now im too lazy to write it again, apologies

"Fück it all"
                              Those are the ereri-shipping fans when they see its age differences
Fine dat booty won't be cookin up ANYTHING spicy fo ur ass tonight.
MG_Bon MG_Bon Apr 03
Levi can't stand being bottom. So Levi can not be shipped with anyone who is a Seme because Levi will just leave them. You learn something new every day.
Eren: Is he usually like this?
                              Erwin: He's been drinking. :|
ShadowKid11 ShadowKid11 Oct 05
No! Eren's hair's beautiful. Wait * looks into the mirror * * lookks at my hairstyle *. Go to hell now, Levi
Beast_Wolf Beast_Wolf Apr 16
Runs away from comment section of people singing FÜCK IT ALL