Sea Green and Coffee Beans (Riren/Ereri)

Sea Green and Coffee Beans (Riren/Ereri)

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CC By Catskyra Updated Jul 04

Hange gives Levi a new pet, Neko Eren. Levi and Eren fight through the troubles of their pasts together and fall in love.

Mostly fluff, some smut

Cover Art does not belong to me.

LunaAndEclipse LunaAndEclipse Jul 14, 2016
"Fück it all"
                              Those are the ereri-shipping fans when they see its age differences
PhoenixOnFire31 PhoenixOnFire31 Aug 17, 2016
Fine dat booty won't be cookin up ANYTHING spicy fo ur ass tonight.
MG_Bon MG_Bon Apr 03, 2016
Levi can't stand being bottom. So Levi can not be shipped with anyone who is a Seme because Levi will just leave them. You learn something new every day.
shadowphoenix05 shadowphoenix05 Oct 05, 2016
No! Eren's hair's beautiful. Wait * looks into the mirror * * lookks at my hairstyle *. Go to hell now, Levi
Beast_Wolf Beast_Wolf Apr 16, 2016
Runs away from comment section of people singing FÜCK IT ALL
MG_Bon MG_Bon Apr 03, 2016
Levi you just don't appreciate all the wonderful shows that are given to us by Freckled Jesus.