Midnight Sky (Sequel to Ivory Mist)

Midnight Sky (Sequel to Ivory Mist)

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Lakeisha Doodlebopz Grandmason By Doodlebopz Completed

"Dean! You can't kiss me like that" I scolded him.

"He said you may now kiss the bride," he laughed.

"Yes he did. But this is our rehearsal. Please tell me you are not going to kiss me like that at our wedding. It is only going to make me horny.

"Good. I want you hot and bothered on our wedding night." He was being his usual hand groping self. Smack me hard on my rear.

It was our first wedding rehearsal. Tracy insisted that we have two because we are so busy with my graduation which was in two days. I am so excited. I am graduating from college, and getting married two weeks apart. Dean seems to be more excited than me. I can't wait to see him in his tux on our wedding day. He is going to be so handsome.

"All right you two. That's enough. Save some for the honeymoon," Tracy said.

"Ok everyone that is a wrap for today. Now remember we will be meeting back here one June 13th for the final rehearsal. And please. Can everyone be on their best behavior? That means you Dean" she gave D...

JudasiaScottMurray JudasiaScottMurray Feb 26, 2016
Ha ha thats what you get for trying drool over a man thats not your lol i would have been like yasss