You Found Me {TeacherXStudent/BoyXBoy}

You Found Me {TeacherXStudent/BoyXBoy}

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scissor-town By scissor-town Updated Oct 23, 2012

Luke Greffer has the average friends, goes the average schools, and seems to be living the average life of a 16 year old, but a certain math teacher is about to find out that Luke is far from normal. 

When Luke's teacher, Mrs. Karine, suddenly leaves her job behind for her new baby, the observant and handsome Mr. Fraites steps in, and notices Luke instantly. His voice is smooth, and his movements are flawless, but James Fraites knows better than to just assume that Luke is the ideal human being. He knows how easy it is to hide things when you try, and doesn't want one of his students, especially Luke, to go through anything feeling alone. 

As signs begin to show that Luke is very far from normal, James finds himself being pushed farther and farther away from someone he's grown to care about. Luke's delinquency on school grounds sparks James' concern, and when he tries to understand Luke's reasoning for his own behaviour, his student becomes deffensive and uncomfortable, making James want to try and fix him all the more.

But the closer he gets to Luke and the more he learns, the more he can never look back.
{Boy X Boy and Teacher X Student}

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NamelessJa NamelessJa Apr 18, 2017
Us when we realised that Ms. Nordahl is quitting @atenjhfood
jamie_koal jamie_koal Jan 17
If they thought that you you put it "straight as a flag pole" then y did they call you a fagot
OnTheEdgeOfNothing OnTheEdgeOfNothing Mar 14, 2015
Yes, please finish this bc I'm literally already in love!!! I love Luke and his character SOOO much ugh!
kirarahatake kirarahatake Aug 09, 2014
if u want da.answer to be -380 then the equation should be >67-62 OR 12-7 OR if u don't wanna change da equation then the.answer will b -357.5
scissor-town scissor-town Sep 11, 2012
Want a clue? Count EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. and i promise it's not the number of words in the chapter. that would just suck.  :+ )
scissor-town scissor-town Sep 10, 2012
@ZombifiedSexPuppet  --- Neither, but the first try is REALLY close. THANKS FOR THE COMMENT.