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Dahyun was a girl who is studying abroad in Switzerland. She has a parent and a nice caring older brother but her brother always shining and making their parents proud with him. So, Dahyun working hard to make them proud too.

One day, Her brother making shocking news when he told that he getting marry a princess. Her girlfriend that he has been dated for 3 years was a princess. 
Dahyun was happy for him too but that also makes her sad to seem like she already loses with her brother. She thinks she better she stops and decides everything follows her heart without thinking to make her parent proud. She hopes her life will be better and normal, she can relax and enjoy her study life in Switzerland.

Unfortunately, there's a man exists in her life making her heart in a mess and annoying her every day. She can't stop thinking about him. She knew that she like him but sadly it was a forbidden love for her thought. He was from a different rank. If she and him together something big will happen in her life and they can't be together.

"So what if people think? I love you and it's only you  that I choose to be my wife until I die and the person at my side when I want to rule this country someday, to be my 'Queen' forever."