Finding the Missing Piece: An Everlark Story

Finding the Missing Piece: An Everlark Story

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Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen year old girl. She feels life is going great with her family, friends and life in general, but things take a turn for Katniss the night before her first day back to school since her summer break. Soon she realizes she's missing something. This is the story of how Katniss Everdeen finds the missing piece of her life.

Finding the Missing Piece: Book 1

This is my original ideas/story but the characters & places described are Suzanne Collins'

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Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Jan 05
I can relate! #storyOfMyLife Stress, depression and anxiety never give anyone a break
Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Jan 05
Ok does anyone else ask themselves HOW and WHY?!?!?!?!? I seriously think Prim should appreciate Kat more fer babying her! Her mother ignored her!!!
Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Jan 05
Omggggg so hard not to get mad!!!!! Que the feels!!!😩😢
there all jerks so i go out with this cat i found on the street
JorDanDunDun02 JorDanDunDun02 Oct 28, 2016
Literally same - this is probably why the only relationship I've had lasted ten seconds in Year 3 and was a dare...not even joking
kitty_kate_joshifer kitty_kate_joshifer Sep 10, 2016
Can't wait to read the whole story!!!
                              Ooohhhhh!! I'm excited!!!!!!!!!