Coffee And Cigarettes

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Isabel Carbajal By IsabelCarbajal Updated 4 years ago
Roman lives in a small town,and is apathetic and depressed, and like any other depressed apathetic person, he drinks coffee and smokes. He decides one day that he can't live in the small town anymore, and needs to go away to find a magnificent story to tell, and like every magnificent story to tell, he moves to New York, with five dollars in his wallet and his guitar. He explores New York alone, until one day in a quiet coffee shop, the story begins.
Where the hell did you go!? come back Por Favor, i need to read more!
Whoa! This story is mad good ! Haha , cant wait to keep reading but i couldn't wait to tell you <3
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I love this story.
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did this really happen? or is this just a story?
                                    anyways you're an AMAZING writer!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                                    I never wrote anything 
                                    i'm thinking on writing but i'm not this good ahahha
Is this going to have Christofer Drew Ingle in this?
                                    B/c I adore his sexxiii-self[:
                                    I really liked it and I hope the waitress dumps something on the guy{;
                                    B/c I would ;DD
                                    Continue Isabel!
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