Freedom's Trial [Libertas Series | Book III]

Freedom's Trial [Libertas Series | Book III]

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K R Williams By KR_Williams Updated Oct 07, 2019

Book III of the Libertas Series. All that has been lost must be made right. Faced with a city ruined by Daegol's attack, and the loss of his own arm and leg, Kit must not only find the strength to rebuild what was lost but also to grow into the war leader everyone expects him to be.

But it's not just the war against Daegol that Kit must focus on. The Rebels still need freedom, the Changers are demanding social justice, the trial against Kit's parents and Lord Ifan looms on the horizon and Kit must also deal with the realpolitik of running an alliance that skirts between Dark and Light.

And that's without having to subvert the Prophecy that will lead to the death of his brother.

Being unbound was only the first step in Kit's journey. Now he has to learn to grow.