Married To A Porn Star!(ManXMan) #Wattys2015  #LGBT

Married To A Porn Star!(ManXMan) #Wattys2015 #LGBT

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Athiss is a new doctor and although he loves his job, he's sad to say that he's not very happy in life. How can you be happy when your spouse is a porn star and you're afraid that he will leave you when the next best thing comes along, even when he promises that things will never change?

Vaughn is a very outgoing and lovable person but he fears that this trait is what's dooming his marriage to his best friend. What happens when Vaughn is given an ultimatum: either quit his job or Athiss will leave? Which will he choose? And if he can choose, will he regret it in the future?

Cover made by: TokyoXx

BOOtySmUT BOOtySmUT Aug 16, 2016
Guys guys calm down he's obviously so stressed that he can't even think straight
kingjemmy kingjemmy Dec 04, 2015
I can already sense that a lot of my tears will be shed reading this
sweetzzz sweetzzz Mar 28, 2015
That's way too deep asking way too much of a person nah I couldn't do that.
ShilpiCee ShilpiCee Aug 13, 2014
*wiggles eyebrows up and down while smiling devilishly* dayymm saan, I dunno if I can handle this transition, it might be too gory for me. :p