Forgive and Forget

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Morgan By XxDinkyxX Completed
He found his soulmate at an early age. He rejected her. Not so he could play around but because she was so young. Years and years of hurting each other. Can they put things behind them and be together?
keagan wht would you tell a thirteen years girl that you were rejecting her. you knew that it would hurt her your mate has left you.
Boy you are one year apart, ur acting like there was a big age gap or something. Thats just a poor excuse, next 
You said exactly what i was thinking a page ago 0.0 people get married who are a decade apart and he is freaking over a one year difference o.O ridiculous. It's not like they are getting married either.
Dude your fücking 14! One year older!!! What the heck did you do during your childhood years? Did you lose your virginity at 7? Like WTF?
he really did f that up. sigh. he had a good reason, but he shouldn't of made the decision for her...that was her call to make.
Thank you. I really enjoyed the story. I look forward to reading your other works.