Vincent Dragonheart: And the Rainbow Knights

Vincent Dragonheart: And the Rainbow Knights

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Vincent Darkscales Maxwell Dragonheart By MrFancyDragon Updated Mar 29

Born out of a dragon egg along with his twin dragon sister into a very large, and filthy rich dragon family, Vincent lives the normal life any kid can have.
A loving family, a relaxing life, and a city he can call home.
All is well and normal until one day, a meteor falls from the sky and turns everyone's lives in Starlight City upside down.

Soon Vincent must become the hero the city needs to fight against various corrupted villains. He dawns the super hero Alias Magnificent Max, protector of Starlight.

Max protects the city from various villains affected by the meteor.
But when an elite group of new super heroes appear and replace him as the hero of the city, Vincent must find his place and fight for his position as a hero to his home.

With a rivalry happening in Starlight City, what must Vincent do in order to win dominance over the rival team?
Who will be dragged into this mess?
And what will happen to Starlight City?

Tune in to find out!!