Spellbound (BxB)

Spellbound (BxB)

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Asher Greenly attends a prestigious school in the coastal town of Willowbrook Cove, where the heartbeat of the world still plays to the tune of eighties pop, drive-in theaters, and 1960's neon diners. 

Welcomed into the arms of a private hybrid prep school, specializing in the education of college-bound students from ages sixteen to twenty-four, Asher is admitted into a program designed especially for the handicapped, the mentally disabled, and the mentally ill students. Incorrectly diagnosed as suicidal, Asher is segregated into a specially designed dorm room and deemed by his new peers as a "crazy".

But no one knows the truth of Asher's harsh reality: He can see spirits, and *they're* the ones trying to kill him. 

His struggle to fit in takes a drastic turn when he meets the captain of the baseball team, and son of the honorable school Dean, Jackal Riley. Though unnecessarily handsome and too cunning for his own good, Jackal Smith's mysterious personal veils a dangerous secret. There's a reason Willowbrook is trapped in the eighties, and it isn't the timeless nostalgia of Pac Man and MASH-but a spell, put upon the town to preserve sacred ground.

Jackal is revealed to belong to a coven of witches, who not only run the school, but the entire town of Willowbrook Cove. As Asher grows closer to the Riley family, one thing becomes drastically clear: someone is tampering with dark magic and threatening the lives of not only the coven, but the entire town of Willowbrook.

And to make matters worse, Asher soon finds himself mixed up with the coven in ways he never imagined possible.  

For instance, consumed by the soul of a fox familiar, bound to Jackal Riley for eternity.