Insecure (xiuhan)

Insecure (xiuhan)

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Jess By xiuhan_baekyeol_ Updated Nov 07, 2015

What if I fall too deep but the other doesn't fall at all?
What if I'll always be alone?
Am I too ugly?

Questions like that always whir around Xiumin's head. He bullies himself so much that his grades are plummeting along with his self confidence level.

That is, until he meets Luhan. He's like the guiding light he's needed all his life. But Xiumin still worries if he's wanted, liked or needed back.

A Xiuhan story about an insecure Xiumin who falls for a free thinking, lovable and caring Luhan. 

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No. Cuz hell isnt THAT bad. its really quite pleasent except for the smell
I want to call the dad a jerk, but then i realize that i do the same thing. 
                              I'm such a hypocrite 😂
WolfyKookie WolfyKookie Feb 29
I feel sad for Xiumin but so far I'm already in love with this story. Great job.
My second time reading this. It was sooooo good. It still is
okaywillis okaywillis Oct 01, 2015
BRUH what kind of mom is this, my mom puts 4 pancakes outside for me so no one eats it (my brother) even thought I only eat 1 .-.
ken_ahjumma ken_ahjumma Sep 06, 2015
y da fuq. i can relate lol. Xiumin were meant to be lol HAHAHA