Random Fandom Imagines (Requests Closed)

Random Fandom Imagines (Requests Closed)

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Kendall By Kcourt Updated Oct 17, 2016

~Hey fangirls! I am now starting fandom requests/imagines for you lovies! Here are some of the fandoms I'll be doing.~

Doctor Who



Star Trek/ Into Darkness

Robin Hood






Harry Potter

Maze Runner

Once Upon a Time


~If you would like one please message me and give me your:


Description of you


Which category

What would you like to happen.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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lukeybabe68 lukeybabe68 Mar 21, 2016
Name: Merinda 
                              Description: 5'7, Black Hair, Olive skin, Brown eyes 
                              Personality: Very Shy, creative, sarcastic all the time 
                              Category: Divergent
                              What Happens: I'm Christina's twin sister and Uriah falls in love with me
_MyChemicalUrieVeil_ _MyChemicalUrieVeil_ Aug 20, 2016
Name: Liv
                              Description: 5'5, hazel eyes, medium length brown hair, fair skin, usually always lets her hair down. 
                              Personality: bookworm, playful, sweet, funny, full of bad puns, helpful. 
                              Category: Star Trek (Scotty please!)
                              Plot: surprise me! I really like cute stuff XD but just surprise me.
StilinskiXDixon StilinskiXDixon Apr 20, 2016
Sorry wasn't suppose to put the emoji meant to say Doctor Who(11th Doctor) and sorry it's so long
TheCrimsomWolf TheCrimsomWolf Nov 08, 2015
Name: Grace or Snadshoes
                              Description: 5'6, Dirty Blond hair, tan skin, Bluish-Green eyes
                              Personality: Very Quirky, creative, and sarcastic most of the time
                              Category: Doctor Who: Tenth
                              What happens: IDK, surprise me!
taragan_kennedy taragan_kennedy Oct 12, 2015
Name: Taragan or TK
                              Description: 5'8 "curvyish", light brown curly hair, porcelain skin tone, green eyes
                              Personality: Strong willed, sarcastic, sincere, loving, personal, genuine
                              Category: Avengers
                              What happens: I don't really know! I like surprises! 
                              ps: love all of your work!
Seventeen_Avengers Seventeen_Avengers Aug 19, 2015
                              brown eyes, medium brown hair, tan skin, not too skinny and not too chuvby
                              funny, friendly, sarcastic
                              i have no idea....surprise me :)