Dragons at Hogwarts

Dragons at Hogwarts

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The Elder Dragons are an old race, as old as the magic that permeates this world. They are the oldest of races and in the times of fire and lava at the formation of this world, they were there, and they developed hard scales, harder than diamond, and wings to fly above the fire and death in the burning world below. 

Then the fire went and the lava cooled, and the Earth was still. And the Elders remained. The ice spread from the north, coating the Earth in frost, and the Elders developed fire as a way to remind themselves of their beginnings and keep warm on the merciless ice.

Then, as the seasons of the earth changed and the humans came from the trees and built on the land, the Elders developed their ability to change into these new creatures and back into their true selves at will. Some split off at this point, becoming dumber and cruder, and lost the title of Elder. 

As the humans became smarter and were able to wield the magic of this world, the Darkest of all, the darkness without a name, came unto this world, and the Elders met their match. In the first time in millennia the Elder Dragons were afraid. They were driven to near extinction, until they retreated from this earth, and flew away, lost, leaving their cousins, the dragons, behind.

But one remains. She doesn't know the secrets of her race, the secrets of the world she finds herself in. 

All she knows is that she is different.
Harry Potter based fanfic introducing a new character (her POV) from book 3 and seeing where it takes the story.

Incomplete. Sporadic updates (sorry)

Bit of humor, bit of drama, no romance so far.

Thanks for reading this :)

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Juicywolf28 Juicywolf28 May 04, 2016
That's to bad. Not knowing the ending to this story is going to mess with my mind forever! ... Maybe I'll just read it a hundred times instead.
gizzmynae gizzmynae Apr 29, 2016
if you are absolutely sure that you wont finish the story I want to read all your other stories so whats that other website you found and whats your username? I need to know asap!!!!!!!!!!!
HarrisEjaz HarrisEjaz May 08, 2016
hello ajkal2 can you give the ownership of the story to me?
                              I will be extremely happy if you do so thanx
PresidentJulia PresidentJulia Mar 18, 2016
That sucks!!!!!!! This would probably be a great story if you finish it! Believe in yourself and finish this story. Why don't you?🙅😲
SilverPhoenixFire13 SilverPhoenixFire13 Aug 20, 2015
'Reason 1: I' m not human.' I was like ME NEITHER! :D I got in touble for calling out in the middle of class...eh. IDC
ftdm14 ftdm14 Jun 22, 2015
I looke at the cast and jut realized that u have the main character looking like any pond( younger but still)!!!!!