Falling in love

Falling in love

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Mika Mcclary By MikaMcclary Updated Jun 07

Dinah POV

hi guys today is not a good day for me why because just a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend of 3 years cheated and broke up with me you wanna know who she cheated on me with she cheated on me with my own blood hold up I hear knocking on my door I will be back and it's raining like a mother fucker outside.

Dinah:(goes to the door and sees her 5 year old daughter the ground)

Dinah:baby girl Denise what are you doing here on the ground 

Denise:mommy drove me here and kicked me out of the car and she told me to give you this 

Dear dinah 

Take this child I can't take care of no retart so I'm giving her to you so be glad I didn't take your ass to court wish I did tho good luck with this stupid ass kid.

(Denise has autism)  

Dinah:come on inside I don't want you to get sick


Dinah:where are your clothes at baby girl and did mommy feed you

Denise then says I don't know where my clothes is at and no she didn't feed me dinah responded with mommy didn't bring you wi...