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Big Time Rush Imagines

Big Time Rush Imagines

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Casey Garner By AwkwardRandomness Updated Jun 15, 2014

It's no doubt that all Rushers out there have imagined various scenarios with their favorite member of Big Time Rush. Here is a collection of Imagines that I have written, I hope you all enjoy! (I have no clue how many there will be, or how often I will upload.)

Lukes_babe8709 Lukes_babe8709 Jan 26, 2014
the fact that when i was reading through it it sounded like carlos and at the end it was
AwkwardRandomness AwkwardRandomness Jul 23, 2013
@wildhorse321 For you and everyone else that have asked: As of right now, I do not take requests for Imagines....In the future, it's definitely a possibility, but right now, no...Sorry! :(
AwkwardRandomness AwkwardRandomness Aug 25, 2012
@ArielSyeena LOVE reading One Direction Fan fictions!!!! I do love my boys, but I honestly like both bands! I just know more about BTR :P I will definatly have to check that one out! :D
maydayhearts maydayhearts Aug 25, 2012
@AwkwardRandomness Its fine lol! Thanks :) I have a bunch of works in progress though... I have like 5? My biggest one is almost done though lol. The newest on is the one I'm focusing on most :) It's a one direction story!
maydayhearts maydayhearts Aug 25, 2012
@AwkwardRandomness I know right? Lol no one comments on any of my storis really but I am getting lots of reads on the first one.
AwkwardRandomness AwkwardRandomness Aug 25, 2012
@ArielSyeena Thank You so much!!!! I'm glad you like them!!!! I'm also glad I finally got a wattpad account, it's so much more meaningful to write when you know people enjoy reading it! :D