Transmuting Affection (Lesbian Story)

Transmuting Affection (Lesbian Story)

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Goris the King By goristheking Completed

Tricia Gilbert has a good life: good friends, good grades and a good reputation. Everything is perfect except for everyone's insistence that she is gay. She doesn't have anything against gay's, it's just if she was having dirty thoughts about the ladies, she would know. As rumors spread she starts to attract both the right and wrong people in equal measure.

Tami Ellsworth is new to school. After her parents passed away and several years of therapy she is finally being admitted into a public school. Things go as well as they can be expected for an elective mute. She sits away from the crowds, ignores everyone and concentrates on whats important; herself.

Tricia finds a strange fascination with Tami and makes it her goal to break the mysterious girl out of her rut, but another girl works her way into Tricia's life and she needs to decide who and what is most important to her.

  • deaf
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satzurity satzurity May 01
U read little biatch. How dare you speak of your grandma like that?
Golemancer Golemancer Jun 27
I get where she’s coming from, if they have no quality of life and they’re suffering it’s best if they go peacefully. I watched my great grandma suffer for almost a decade and I realized that everyone suffers when you have to see that
PaulJordan2 PaulJordan2 Jun 20
whose manz is this 😒 how he figured her out so quick like that
Bulletface Bulletface Jul 12, 2017
Im actually triggered that you used paint. Nobody should be forced to use this... abomnation of an illustrating programm.
BloodOfTheOpressed BloodOfTheOpressed May 12, 2016
Yes omg this made my day. CAN I DIBS YOU??? I dibbsed someone??
I love this school so far, where can I find this epic place where badass legends are born