If Only A Song Could Fix This

If Only A Song Could Fix This

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THE JERZA LUXURY CRUISER By JeRzaCrazy Updated Jul 15, 2016

She's a famous singer who made fame after a horrible break-up.

She's a famous guitarist who became bestfriends with a heartthrob. 

She's a bookworm who loved a badass drummer.

She's a girl who expressed her feelings with fingers on the keyboard.

He was a normal guy who loved a famous singer.

He was a guy who became bestfriends with the famous guitarist.

He loved a bookworm who taught him so much about life.

He was the guy who gave his frozen heart to a female who can easily see through him.

Take one famous girl band and one famous boy band. Together, they will do concerts that will surely entertain their fans.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Happy_Dragneel-fish Happy_Dragneel-fish Jun 30, 2017
ahaha ahahah ahahah if you don't know im laughing so that it looks like im crying from the laughing haha *loudly sobbing
alizeLosoya alizeLosoya Jan 03
Only a few that sucks but at least we still get miraxus right
NatashaPlayz NatashaPlayz Oct 08, 2017
BANG BANG INTO THE ROOM (I know you want it *insert lenny face here* BANG BANG ALL OVER YOU (I'll let you have it *insert lenny face here*)
alizeLosoya alizeLosoya Jan 03
 #JERZA FOR LIFE---JERZA IS DA BEST SHIP EVA!!!!jetza is my otp or my first and fav otp atleast
alizeLosoya alizeLosoya Jan 03
That ausome #GALE i alredy know that GALE is cannon because levy os pregnant with gajeel's baby
Taeminkook_Kimarkeon Taeminkook_Kimarkeon Sep 26, 2017
                              My most favorite ship in the whole wide world...