The Badass!

The Badass!

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The Badass!

What happens when opposites bump into each other? Will they attract?

Sienna Thompson is one of those girls who loved to study and be at home on a late Saturday night watching National Geography instead of going to parties.

Cameron Hamshaw is your usual badass. He has a huge detention record in his school. He definitely has an ego the size of Japan. He is an arrogant, cocky, and egoistic bad ass.

Now that you have met these two, they both attend "Fairfield High School" and have never met each other before.

What happens when a small incident lands them both in a position to interact? Read "The Badass" to find out more!

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Ali-Outsiders Ali-Outsiders Apr 03, 2017
When it said 'she's right haha!' I pictured a girl with a laughing face that was crazy looking!😂😂
Guys it ISNT cliche because he’s not a player, he barely talks to girls
almira1591 almira1591 May 18, 2016
So I know cliche when I see or read it but what exactly does it mean?
unrealistics- unrealistics- Feb 19, 2016
Bet she's too fat so she's on a diet.    O.o Umpa lumpa alery
_1Kamea_ _1Kamea_ Mar 29, 2016
                              THE DOOR I THOUGHT IT WAS MILK OR SOMETHING
Heart_Anonymous Heart_Anonymous May 31, 2016
Queen B doesn't stand for Bee the animal with wings it refers to the one that's a female dog.