We Fell In Love || Dramione

We Fell In Love || Dramione

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I Need To Find My Way Back To The Start When We Were In Love

I Saw The Good In All Your Bad

"He's A Very Introverted Child."
"People Stayed Away From Her."
"So What Happened? "
"They Fell In Love."

To Know That I Want You 
With A Passion So Blind
Is To Know That I Love You
With No Doubt In My Mind.

you can break my soul
take my life away
beat me
hurt me
kill me
but for the love of God
don't touch

you can break MY SOUL
take my LIFE AWAY
beat ME 
hurt ME
kill ME 
but for the love OF GOD
don't touch

               his grey eyes
Staring At Her Like He Was Trying 
    To See Through Her Soul

        how he wears his

  How Could He Live Without 
             his cigarettes 
   Closing His Eyes Everytime 
   He Blows The Smoke In The Air

   The Way He Says 
   With His Husky Voice

                           his lips
 When He Kissed Her Leaving A Taste
       Of Firewhiskey On Her Mouth
            Making Her Want More  

But Even More When He Says
So Softly, The Word Almost 
Melted As They Left His Mouth
   wish we could 
   turn back time
         to the 
   good ol' days

Could       I       Have       Saved     You?

Would      That've      Betrayed      You?

I Can See You

 But I Can Never Reach You.

This Is The Girl I Love.  
 A little bit messy
A little bit ruined
A beautiful disaster
Just like

How Can It Be That We Can
Say So Much Without

        w o r d s 

can Y O U remember 
            who Y O U were
                    before T H E world told 
                                               Y O U
       WHO  y o u  should   b e? 



I      w a n t      Y O U      h a r d
"After   a l l    this     t i m e    Draco?"
               "A l w a y s    Hermione."

i love you with a passion so blind
it's not hard to see it in one's mind.