Like Brother, Like Sister

Like Brother, Like Sister

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Katie <3 By Katdixon6 Updated Nov 11, 2016

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18 year old Katie Dixon has been through hell her entire life. Her abusive father, who was a drunk. Her mother died when she was young. 

She was a broken girl. 

She had two brothers, Merle and Daryl Dixon who were pretty much the only people who cared about her. But Merle in and out of Jail and hanging with the wrong crowd. So it was mostly just Daryl. He would do anything to protect his little sister. 

But now the world went to hell, and the dead are walking.

 Kat has been surviving all of her life. And now its up to her and Daryl to make it in this world and survive. Read to find out more Kat and Daryl and their adventure to survive the dead... and the living.

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It must be huge then, the medal, what he win it for? Best crack addict I bet hahahaha
- - Jul 07, 2016
If anyone knows how I can watch season 6 of The walking dead please tell me because my friends are spooling it for me and I can't find it anywhere
lovedaryldixon12 lovedaryldixon12 May 27, 2016
LITTLE DID SHE KNOW.... *they get there*       *daryl sees the hand* kat-wow I guessed it 
                              *daryl points crossbow* Daryl-demon....
CecilieGroven CecilieGroven Dec 16, 2015
How do you get like actor/actress on the bottom of the chapter? I can't find it anywhere when I write mt chapters😓😚 great chapter btw❤️