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"You know what? I change my mind about heaven." I hummed, snuggling my face into the crook of her neck, and my eyes fluttered closed at her warmth.

She stayed quiet, urging me to continue. "I was never really a religious person; I always thought that heaven is where we fly around with wings and white robes and have white hair. And even though I knew that I wasn't correct, my guess was still way, way off."

I could feel her chest rising and falling softly, as I ran my hand through her soft hair. She yawned from the early morning awakening. "And what is your theory, then?"

 "This," I stated, my arm snaking around October's torso to pull her closer into my hold. "Here. In bed. You."

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A WARNING TO ALL THE READERS OF THIS BOOK: This was the first ever book I wrote on this website and I was young and I am not proud of it and I cringe quite a lot when I see it here often. So read this at your own risk; I don't know why this book ...

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Idk why, but I'm actually liking her name as Tobe.. not many books that I've read, and believe me - I've read a lot, have that name at all, let alone for a girl
cliffordlegend cliffordlegend Sep 15, 2016
the day the quiff left the fandom is the day the drama replaced it
hannah-nb hannah-nb Feb 04, 2017
Well I just read this chapter and I already know i'm gonna fall in love with your story
aprjcate aprjcate Aug 30, 2016
I don't watch friends I'm more of a full house person.. Someone fill me in on the reference???
gguk97 gguk97 Mar 31, 2016
Lunnan Lunnan Aug 24, 2016
Oh my Gosh, this is so good 😍 How old were you when you Wrote this?