Stringent Serenity

Stringent Serenity

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Destiny Marie By LegallyUrban Updated Sep 11, 2017


"Essence was wore out and tired from all of the cum her body spilled onto their red velvet sheets. She turned over and faced Michael. His milk chocolate complexion was covered in a light coat of sweat as his brown eyes looked over her body in awe. He was angry because of her lack of cums he soon wanted to pursue. He felt like he didn't give her what she wanted, she was beautiful and he didn't treat her right. Her beautiful Hershey chocolate skin was also covered in a thin light coat of sweat. Essence was outstandingly exhausted and Michael want to go for another round.

"Come on babe, round two" he pleaded gripping her arm. Essence grew irritated and pushed him off of her,

"No" she demanded turning over on her side. She didn't even want to have sex in the first place since he came home drunk. She had a whole evening set out of just the two of them. But he wanted to show up late while the fumes of liquor floated off his body. They had a heated argument which soon turned into a heated sex session. "


Essence and Michael's relationship is slowly tearing apart, leaving them to find other ways to find a outlet. Michael's problem leads Essence to grow a on going hatred she never thought would happen. She goes and find what she wants and desires somewhere else. 

Will Essence and Michael's selfish acts upon each other cease or will it lead to more devastating events and cause them to split completely?  Leaving Essence to meet Damien. 

Betrayal, hate, and love. 

Read to find out more.

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Londooogirl_ Londooogirl_ Aug 23, 2014
Very, very, very stupendous and you written this thoroughly. 
                              My thing is how could she remain addressing this woman as her bestfriend but she's sleeping with Micheal? What happen to confiding in your spouse? Ehh. Help me, help you kinda thing shall take place. Crazy.
yafavewriters_ yafavewriters_ Jul 28, 2014
This is really good. It's different and I like that. Michael just really needs to get himself together and let the stress go.