Nightmares and Revenge: A Johnlock Story

Nightmares and Revenge: A Johnlock Story

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Martha By marthatron Completed

John and Sherlock are getting more and more confused about their feelings for each other, and those feelings are getting stronger...

A sudden turn of events leads to them going on holiday to Tokyo. Anything could happen...

(This story is strictly fluffy, so sorry to all the Johnlock smut lovers out there!)

*insert quirky catchphrase here*

Then don't be gay be bi or if you're that mad at yourself about it be fabulous
I thought I was the only one that does that if someone shouted... Guess not
I like that you put that John wasn't against homosexuals, just to make us feel alright if we're gay, lesbian or bi. Thanks! I really do appreciate the thought you put into that in order to include everyone! :p
if you're having thoughts that make you realize you're attracted to a man, chances are you're not entirely straight- you could be pan, or bi or something along those lines. you might even be gay
I thought he said all of this out loud. I got scared for a second.
Never will be?? *snorts* 
                              Then why are you thinking about those things then? *pokes his forehead for the tenth time*