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I'll Protect You

I'll Protect You

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Nghi (Knee) By orangechicken Completed

Whoever wished they could live the life of royalty deserved a punch in the face. 
  Meet Park Sparrow, a feisty, sarcastic, and reckless outcast who's just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. With an attitude and personality that gets her in more trouble than anything, she's a wild splash of color in the otherwise monotone and regal life of the academy she attends. 
  But there's more than meets the eye. Park isn't a random nobody in a town only famous for a school. Park Sparrow is the princess of Cimeria, and heir to one of the last remaining monarchies in the entire world. Unluckily for her, being an heir also means having a target painted on her back day and night. 
  Park is determined to find out who's behind the attempts on her life. With the unlikely help of Logan Cross, a boy she's hated since the dawn of time, the two must learn how to put aside their differences and get along because Park is in grave danger.
  As they work together to put together the mystery of who wants Park's throne, they must face new complications and obstacles that will be much more difficult than just a school yard grudge.
  (Book One of The Royalty Series)
  **this is the edited version of I'll Protect You, written by the same author. Please read this version rather than the original.

chocolatelove_3 chocolatelove_3 6 days ago
Wattpad has raised my expectations  so damn high  #foreveralone
phobiaoflove phobiaoflove 4 days ago
As a rereader I just wanted to comment I love this book with my whole heart. This edited version is insanely amazing. I have recommended this book to evERY person I've ever talked about wattpad to💗
tastyethan tastyethan 6 days ago
oh lol i didn't even bother to read the whole description but i like this omgg
To me, her name is on the same level as 'playground squirrel'
tastyethan tastyethan 6 days ago
she's literally a princess like what some people were saying earlier lmao
mia_mjr_ mia_mjr_ 5 days ago
Wtf is so funny bout someone dropping there books like wtf u must have a bad sense of humor