My Omega (Zarry)

My Omega (Zarry)

48.4K Reads 1.5K Votes 12 Part Story
Alpha Jazzy By HorseloverQueen Completed

(Book one)

Harry is a alpha that is looking for his mate and he is 17.

Zayn is a omega that just turn 16 ready for a mate.

Harry and Zayn have marks that tell them who there mate is.  Harry finds Zayn in a Allie about to get rape by a alpha. Harry saves Zayn then see that there marks match. 

There is ups and downs to there life. Will Harry be able to protect his omaga or not. Can their friend who are Liam (alpha), Louis (beta), and Niall (omega) be able to help the couple. Read to find out.

  • alpha
  • harry
  • mates
  • omega
  • woves
  • zarry
  • zayn
HorseloverQueen HorseloverQueen Sep 14, 2017
@knightshade6 duh this sucks I didn't try on this book I hate it and the second book to it. It was part of my dark time in writing when I had no motivation and sucked.
knightshade6 knightshade6 Sep 16, 2017
Honestly liked this one no joke the ending pissed me off though it was like watching the goldencompass all over again
BellatrixYang BellatrixYang Aug 15, 2016
The story draft is fine, I like it. The only problem I detect is the grammar and vocabulary, maybe you need some beta reader (or grammar check reader).
DNLU_Band DNLU_Band Nov 10, 2015
i don't like 1D but I'm your fan so I'm trying to read all your books *thinking* when i say all your books it means the 1D books too *stops to think again* hope you only have 1D book- and if you don't its fine with me I will read them because I like to read all kinds of books :) ;)
monica090909 monica090909 Jul 30, 2014
i love this!, this was a good chapter =]  please update soon