My Beta Mate

My Beta Mate

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Rudi By itsrudaayy_ Updated Aug 10, 2016

"Run"  I thought as my already tired legs struggled to dodge trunks and tree branches in the dense forest. Before I knew it, I was that stupid of a movie character who falls whilst running from something/someone. Trying hard to get up, a faint scent barely hit my nostrils. My wolf began to stir happily even in this desperate moment. Already knowing my fate, I 
let my heavy head go down on the moist earth before my wolf concluded;


And I blacked out.

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pohnpeiparau pohnpeiparau Jun 09, 2016
Wow!!!she is a strong and brave girl wish I could be more like her....
LalTluangi LalTluangi Jun 08, 2015
Abusive fathers always make me want to shout and throw things and have evil thoughts so I can already tell this is gonna be a good book
Brodiexx Brodiexx Aug 17, 2014
Oh my god, HOOKED. I can tell from Chapter 1 that I'm going to love this :) abusive fathers and hash brownies, woop woop ;)  damn, I have a twisted mind :) 
                              Honestly, though, I'm loving it. And we have a badass run-away protagonist, which is even better. Can't wait to read more :) X